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Practitioner Comments

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"I don't know if we need any introductory book but this one!"
Julian Winston, Editor of Homeopathy Today,
The monthly publication of the National Center for Homeopathy

"All my patients should read this book!"
John Collins, ND, DHANP

"Makes homeopathy easy to understand. A must-read for all interested in optimal health."
Jacquelyn Wilson, MD, DHt, FAAFP, Past president, California State Homeopathic Society, Past president, American Institute of Homeopathy

"Excellent book - been waiting for this one for many years - clear, simple - just what my clients need. Thanks."
Eugenia Gerrard, M.A., MFCC, North Country Psychological Associates

"It is so clear, easy to read and understand and very comprehensive, yet not overwhelming. Great job! Very impressive."
Carol M. Wolf, Ph.D. Counseling Healing and Psychological Services

"Thank you so much for your book - it is an elegant and concise writ of all the questions clients ask with beautiful and simple answers to these questions."
Dee Blanco, DVM, Los Animales Holistic Veterinary Care

"I find Homeopathy, Beyond Flat Earth Medicine a well written, gentle, and loving book, and it is a pleasure to read. You should be very proud."
Susan Beal, DVM, Big Run Holistic Veterinary Care

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